⏰活動大概需時15-30分鐘!到時各位媽媽只需要推住自己既Liki車仔,帶埋BB嚟到Jakewell門市,🚲一齊影張車隊相就可以得到禮物🎁一份啦! 👍🏻😊
報名方法好簡單,只需要填妥報名表格就得啦✍🏻 !

* 活動受條款及細則 *

*Campaign details terms & conditions*

1. 本活動由 Jakewell 主辦。
    This event was presented by Jakewell.
2. 參加者必須以組別名義參與。
    Applicants are required to submit the application form in group.
3. 每組參與者最少為5人,人數不足者將被取消資格。
    Each application should include at least 5 members. If there are insufficient members, the participant will be disqualified.
4. 每組參加者只限參與一次。重複報名將被視為單一報名,並只能參加一次。
    Participants are allowed to participate in this event once only. Duplicated applications will be considered as single application and applicants can only participate once.
5. 一旦確認報名,Jakewell將於7日內以WhatsApp聯絡召集人。參加者請確保所填電話號碼能接收WhatsApp。
    Once the application was confirmed and accepted, Jakewell will contact the leader of applicants through WhatsApp within 7 days. Please make up your phone number is available for WhatsApp.
6. Jakewell會於活動當日會核對車身號碼,如發現與報名表格不符合將被取消資格。
    Jakewell will verify the serial number in the date of the event, once it is found that the serial number does not comply with the application form, applicant will be disqualified.
7. 參加者完成活動後將獲得禮物一份。禮物不設郵寄或補領。所有禮物均不得更換,退回或兌換現金。
    All participants could get a gift after finishing the event. Neither posting nor replacement of the gift will be provided. The gift is neither returnable nor refundable in cash.
8. 活動相片版權歸Jakewell所有。所有相片一經採用,即有可能作為宣傳用途。
    All rights reserved by Jakewell. Once the photos are adopted, it may be used for promotional purposes.
9. 如本活動因天氣情況或任何突發因素無法如期進行,Jakewell有權決定取消、終止、修改或暫停本活動。本專頁保留決定及更改活動內容之權利而不作另行通知。如有任何爭議,本專頁保留最終決定權。
    If the event cannot be held as scheduled due to unexpected factors, Jakewell reserves the right to cancel, terminate, amend, or suspend the event. Jakewell reserved the right to change the event details without prior notice. In case of any dispute, Jakewell reserves the right on the final decision.
10. Jakewell擁有以上規則的最終解釋及修訂權利。
    Jakewell reserves the rights to amend and clarify of the above rules and regulations.
11. 報名申請一經遞交,即代表參賽者確認及同意接受以上描述的一切條款及細則。
    Once the application was submitted, applicants were confirmed and agreed with the above-mentioned terms and conditions.