【🎉LIKI OOTD Olympic🕺🏻!】

今年就會舉行巴黎奧運會喇,今個月Liki Club都有OOTD Olympic可以玩🥳!3步投稿車聚相片就可以獲得Liki車牌連數字字母一份😍~最後一眾小編仲會係投稿嘅作品之中揀出最有創意同最具奧運精神嘅一隊車隊🙆🏻‍♀!該車隊嘅每位小朋友都可以獲得Boori衣帽架(隨機款式)一個😎~想知活動點玩就留意下方喇👀!

The Paris Olympics is coming! Let's join the OOTD Olympic with Liki Club🥳!You can get a set of Liki license plate by just 3 steps😍~And we will select a most creative team who show us the the spirits of Olympic🙆🏻‍♀! The selected team can win a Boori Tidy Clothing Rack (Random color) for each team member😎~ Find more information from below👀:







How to join:


1. 讚好FB/ IG Post👍🏻

Like the FB/ IG Post👍🏻


2. Liki車隊其中一位成員於活動帖子下方留言”LIKI OOTD Olympic!”🏅🏎

Team representative please write down comment "LIKI OOTD Olympic!" in the related post🏅🏎



Share your Olympic photo with us through DM📷!


📅投稿日期 : 6/3/2024 - 2/4/2024 (12:00pm截止!)

Date:6th March - 2nd April, 2024 (until 12:00pm)



Where to pick up your prize:

📍大圍圍方 404號舖

Shop 404, The Wai, Tai Wai


📍將軍澳 Monterey G22B 舖

Shop G22B, Monterey, TKO



Shop 117, Harbour North 2, Island East


📍西九龍奧海城二期 UG28號舖

Shop UG28, Olympian City 2, West Kowloon


(門市營業時間為星期一至星期日,11:00 - 20:00)

(Available from Monday to Sunday, 11:00 - 20:00)



When and how to pick up your prize



     Liki license plate: You can go to the designated place to pick up the prize for your teammate after receiving the message (Available from 13/3/2024)



     Boori Tidy Clothing Crack: We will announce the winner after the end of photo recruitment😊



* 活動條款及細則 *

*Campaign details terms & conditions*

1. 本活動由 Jakewell 主辦。

    This event was presented by Jakewell.


2. 參加者必須以組別名義參與。

    Applicants are required to participate in group only.


3. 車隊需由2-5位小朋友組成,成員少於2位或多於5位之車隊,我們將有權取消其參加活動及領獎資格。

   Each groups should be formed by 2 - 5 members. If there are more than 5 or less than 2 members, Jakewell reserves the right on the cancellation of qualifications.


4. 每組參加者只限參與一次及加入一隊車隊。重複報名將被視為單一報名。

    Participants are allowed to participate in this event once and join one Liki team only. Duplicated applications will be considered as single application.


5. 完成投稿後,只需投稿者前往 Jakewell 門市,並憑得獎訊息及車聚相片為車隊成員領取禮物。禮物不設郵寄或補領,所有禮物均不得更換,退回或兌換現金,不設保養。Boori衣帽架為隨機款式。

    The team representative could collect the gift for your Liki team members at Jakewell store with the submission photo and rewarded message. Neither posting nor replacement of the gift will be provided. The gift is neither returnable nor refundable in cash. No warranty will be provided. The color of Boori Tidy Clothing Rack is random.


6. 領獎名額不得轉讓。

    Rewarded quota is non-transferable.


7. 如領獎當天因天氣情況或任何突發因素無法如期進行,Jakewell有權決定取消、終止、修改或暫停當日安排。本專頁保留決定及更改活動內容之權利而不作另行通知。如有任何爭議,Jakewell保留最終決定權。

    If the event cannot be held as scheduled due to unexpected factors, Jakewell reserves the right to cancel, terminate, amend, or suspend the event. Jakewell reserved the right to change the event details without prior notice. In case of any dispute, Jakewell reserves the right on the final decision.


8. Jakewell擁有以上規則的最終解釋及修訂權利。

    Jakewell reserves the rights to amend and clarify of the above rules and regulations.


9. 一旦參與活動,即代表參加者確認及同意接受以上描述的一切條款及細則。

    Once you participate in this event, you were confirmed and agreed with the above-mentioned terms and conditions.